Highly competitive prototype manufacturing capabilities
  • 11 five-axis high speed grinding centers

  • 14 four-axis light cutting machining centers

  • 3 pre-processing centers

  • CNC grinding, slow wire, spark machine...

Perfect machine configuration to meet your different needs

Sound version management and stable pricing capabilities

KESO quotation system

Get a quote in ten minutes at the fastest. Can share the process with customers, make the price more transparent, powerful version management function, even if the variety of parts, can calmly cope.

Stronger process and hardware advantages

Self-developed five-axis CNC automatic production unit, stable processing accuracy: 0.005mm, it can automatically load and unload materials and tools, system online measurement of tools and tool anomaly management, with the whole workshop interchange of quick locating jig, can be once clamping, full sequence processing. It can solve the positioning error caused by repeated clamping. Can meet the customer's double high standards of quality and delivery.

High precision measurement equipment

Zeiss five axes three coordinates

Keyence three-dimensional measurement

The introduction of German GOM and Zeiss automatic measurement technology, reverse comparison of three-dimensional models, secondary development of a complete application scheme, with efficient measurement scenarios.

Batch appearance control

Oxidized color block management process, from sample to mass production, color is consistent...

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  • all
  • aluminum alloy
  • stainless steel
  • copper
  • engineering plastic
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