Development history
Development history
  • 2011.6.9

    KESO company was established

    Beijing Kesuo Technology Co., Ltd. registered founder: Luo Quan Zhang Zhanwei Founding vision: to provide customers with one-time qualified products efficiently

    Company type Positioning: high automation precision machining supplier

  • 2011.10.8

    The first CNC

    On October 8, 2011, Corso independently assembled the company's first CNC, milling precision 0.01mm

  • 2012.02.02

    2012 Annual business expansion

    In 2012, KESO added a variety of machine tools, expanding from a single CNC milling machine, adding new processes such as electric machining lathes

  • 2012年度数据

    2012 Annual Data

    Annual figures for 2012 show that KESO 's production capacity reached 800,000

  • 2013.03.03

    2013 annual R&D plan

    In March 2013, KESO initiated the development of a rapid positioning device with the aim of solving the rapid turnaround procedure for operators

  • 2014.03.05

    KESO R&D Program

    In March 2014, KESO started the research and development of general processing of mechanics and automatic handling of materials by manipulators.

  • 2014.06.06

    Rapid positioning device development

    In June 2014, the prototype test of rapid positioning device was completed

  • 2014.11.07

    KESO process subdivision

    In November 2014, KESO launched the process training and subdivision program

  • 2015.02.03

    2014 annual production capacity

    2014 figures show that KESO 's production capacity reached 7 million

  • 2015.05.05

    KESO quick jig acceptance

    In May 2015, KESO rapid positioning device completed sample acceptance and can be formally equipped in the workshop.

  • 2015.06.05

    KESO network building

    In June 2015, the hardware and network equipment of the production management system of KESO began to be equipped.

  • 2015.08.06

    Production improvement

    In August 2015, KESO completed the construction of the system principle for the general engineering of technicians.

  • 2015.10.08

    Five-axis CNC project

    In October 2015, KESO developed a five-axis CNC project suitable for itself.

  • 2016-02-01

    2015 KESO production capacity

    In 2015, KESO 's production capacity was increased to 11 million

  • 2016.03.06

    KESO launches new business

    In March 2016, KESO launched the rapid proofing service

  • 2016.04.05

    KESO new production improved

    In April 2016, KESO officially launched a trial operation of a common mechanic

  • 2016.04.06

    2016.4 New production improved

    April 2016 KESO rapid positioning device mass production

  • 2016.05.07

    KESO generation manipulator commissioning

    In May 2016, the first generation of KESO robot began commissioning

  • 2016.06.03

    Production management software online

    In June 2016, the purchase-sales-inventory and process management of the production management software began to run

  • 2016.07.05

    Process development adjustment

    In July 2016, the retraining and classification of process personnel according to characteristics began

  • 2016.09.05

    The company's ERP online operation

    In September 2016, all production lines began to debug the production management system

  • 2016.10.11

    Second generation manipulator commissioning

    In October 2016, the second generation of KESO robot began commissioning

  • 2016.11.08

    New production improvement

    016 November tool preassembly, workpiece preassembly, tooling preparation, program preparation, equipment automatic knife, and officially promote the popularization of mechanics.

  • 2016.12.06

    New annual R&D and development plan

    In December 2016, five-axis CNC research and development was started to start production execution system equipment to start order network push system to start the construction of automatic quotation system.

  • 2017.02.07

    2016 annual production capacity

    In 2016, KESO 's production capacity increased to 14 million

  • 2017.02.16

    New preparation of machine tools

    In February 2017, we began to prepare precise scheduling of CNC machine tool numbers

  • 2017.03.10

    Precise scheduling module debugging

    In March 2017, the production management module will be upgraded to increase fine management and automatic scheduling module.

  • 2017.06.29

    Started the manual verification of the manual program machine code

    Set up a full-time machine code checker to prevent program production line errors, the purpose is to reduce machine idle caused by program errors, reduce manufacturing costs.

  • 2017.08.05

    Independently developed five-axis large tool library CNC prototype put into production

    The production of the five-axis tool library has made the pace of sample automation of KESO a big step forward, which means that 95% of the products can complete the full sequence processing without organizing the assembly line, which is a more concise scheduling system.

  • 2018.07.28

    The five-axis automatic production unit was successfully debugged

    KESO independently developed five-axis automatic production unit, suitable for medium batch, high-precision precision parts processing, 7*22 hours automatic production. The project was established in 2015, the basic function design was completed in 2017, the team lasted more than three years, invested more than 5 million research and development funds, and was successfully debuted in July 2018 and officially transferred to production.

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Our process research and development capabilities can keep up with your zero risk transformation from prototype to mass production!!!!!

    Beijing KESO Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional high precision parts manufacturing company, with full process processing capabilities. From prototype to mass production - supplying core components to our customers. KESO precision manufacturing brand was founded in 2011, and in 2018, KESO precision processing plant moved from Beijing to the 106 factory of Jingxi Small Industrial Creation Auxiliary Base in Huailai County, Zhangjiakou. The new factory is the first automated production factory invested by KESO, with a plant area of 3,800 square meters and 20 automatic production lines of workshop equipment. The investment capital is 60 million yuan, and the annual production capacity is 80 million yuan. The automation equipment and production technology are provided by Beijing KESO Precision Technology Co., LTD.

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